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As a media production house, we create TV shows aired on various broadcast TV networks such as NBC, FOX, ABC and The U. “The Review” is an entertainment TV show driven by tourism featuring destinations, attractions, interesting people, cool places to eat and drink and fun things to do. Now YOU can be featured in a video segment produced for SOCIAL MEDIA to make you and your business look like a star. The show was broadcast on The U, ABC, NBC, FOX and CW reaching millions of homes weekly in and around Chicago and throughout Northern and Central IL, IA, MI, IN and WI. Now we will produce your very own segment for website and social media!

    In each entertainment segment the hosts shares experiences of the sights, sounds, and environment that each business, event or destination has to offer. We take you to the scene and behind the scenes of events, attractions and fun things to do. The show gives the audience the chance to see behind the curtain and meet with the people that make it happen. Our hosts interact with staff, guests and the audience. Our target audience is one that has a passion for travel, curiosity about the world and unique points of view.  We are sharing the story and appeal of places in a fun and entertaining way. 

 If you have an interest in having a segment produced for your business, contact us! 
    Call (815) 343-0274

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